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Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

Many people can remedy some of their car’s ills themselves with a little help. Here are some helpful do-it-yourself tips from the professional technicians in the repair departments at The Transmission Shop, Detroit’s leading transmission experts!

Cooling System
Check the antifreeze level and top off as necessary – check the manual for proper fluid use. Check for visibly leaking antifreeze or large openings, usually caused from road debris. If you have these symptoms, the certified technicians at The Transmission Shop can help. Bring the car in and the technicians will be able to diagnose the problem on the spot.

Check the engine belts for cracks or tearing. The professional technicians at The Transmission Shop can replace those belts if necessary. The car’s cooling system is operated by these belts so don't overlook them.

Tire Pressure
Regularly check for low tire pressure in all tires, especially if your car is pulling when you drive or otherwise driving abnormally, and fill as needed. The tire pressure plays an important role in the safety of your vehicle, and it helps maintain your car’s fuel efficiency. 

Engine Air Filters 
Check the air filters at every oil change.  

Visit The Transmission Shop in Your Area
By handling some of the small car care matters yourself, you can save time and money on further problems down the road. Feel free to call the experts at The Transmission Shop at any of our three locations to get assistance or learn more about proper car care.

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